The Sugar Shop in the Press

19 Magazine
“… not only did my package now look more picnic hamper than lunchbox, it felt sexy smooth, too.”
Excerpt from October 2002

“When I started, men wouldn’t tell anyone about it. Now it’s dinner-table talk.”
Excerpt from July 2002

Homme Arena +
“The less painful option.”
Excerpt from spring/summer edition 2002

“As part of a general makeover article, The Sugar Shop was recommended for hair removal and beauty treatments.”
Excerpts from Issue 12 April 2001

Wall Street Journal
“Its run by men for men only so they know their business.”
Excerpts from March 23-24 2001

Time Out
“The Sugar Shop is perhaps the only one stop self indulgency-shop, run by men for men in London, It started over 4 years ago as a one man outfit, with a focus on sugaring as a method of hair removal. Since then it has grown into an upmarket salon with three treatment rooms and a wide selection of grooming treatments for men.”

“The therapists are all extremely friendly, full of good advice and offer sensible after-care instructions for all treatments. A must visit for men a little hirsute around the edges.”
Excerpts from Issue 1513; August 18-25 1999

‘Tim is having treatment on his back … Tim has been sugared nine times in the last couple of years. “It’s uncomfortable but it’s not painful. Waxing is far worse,” he says.’

‘For a lot of men, having hair removed makes them feel younger… men are more comfortable about having treatment. They no longer feel their masculinity is threatened.’

‘A lot of women’s salons do this work but a lot of men didn’t feel comfortable going into a salon full of women.’

‘To do sugaring properly requires great care. If you do it wrongly, you can damage the hair follicles, which might result in problems such as ingrowing hairs.

‘Forty minutes after entering Martyn’s treatment room, Tim is dressed and ready to leave. “I do this purely for appearance. It makes me feel more confident. I’ll definitely be back for more,” he says.’

Situated in central London, the Sugar Shop is the UK`s premier male hair removal HQ.
Excerpt from February 2004

The Independent on Sunday.
The Sunday Review.
The Sugar Shop in London`s Paddington, the frontline of men`s grooming.
Excerpt from 8 August 2004.